5 reasons why you should use glass balustrades in your garden

Glass balustrade with chrome handrail set around wooden decking.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of using glass balustrades inside your home. From their visual appeal to their wide-ranging practical benefits, there are plenty of reasons to pick glass for your interiors and we think we’ve made a compelling case for that.

However, we’ve not talked as much about the benefits of using them in your garden or on your patio. Glass balustrades have just any many advantages for use outside of your home as they do inside of it and make a great choice.

To even up our presentation, we thought we’d spend some time explaining the decorative and functional plus points of glass balustrades in your garden so read on to find out more.

What are the rules for glass balustrades in the UK?

The height and strength of external glass balustrades in the UK are covered by building regulations and standards. Meeting these legal requirements is the only way to make sure your glass balustrades are safe.

If you’re planning a balustrade for use outdoors, a lot of factors will impact which building regulations apply to you. For example, a balustrade that is used at or near ground level can be lower but if you use one near a large drop, it will need to meet a minimum height to prevent anyone accidentally toppling over it.

All glass balustrades will also have a minimum safety requirement around load-bearing strength to prevent them breaking and causing injuries. All balustrades need to use toughened glass but some may need specific types like laminated glass. These factors may be influenced by where the balustrades too.

This is why it is so important to find a reputable manufacturer if you are planning to install a glass balustrade. If you order with KLG Glass, we will talk you through your requirements and explain any modifications that may need to be made so they comply with building standards and regulations.

A glass balustrade edging a flowerbed in bloom.Why use glass balustrades outdoors?

There are a lot of reasons to use glass balustrades in your outside space. This includes both visual benefits and practical ones. Here are five of the most compelling reasons that could cause you to choose glass.

1. They are durable

The toughened glass used to create glass balustrades is incredibly strong, making it a perfect choice to use outside.

A well-made, correctly-fitted glass balustrade system can easily withstand the wilds of British weather conditions even in the depths of winter and they won’t suffer from heavy rains or moisture in the air.

2. They are safe

Being so strong, glass balustrades are also a safe choice. They need a very intense impact to break – an out-of-control football or accidental stumble won’t do any damage to them.

Depending on where you place your glass balustrade, it can even help you make your garden a safer space in general. As the glass panels used are solid, they are great for using around drops such as the edge of raised patios, garden decking and even around water. They will stop any small explorers taking a dangerous step making them a great choice for families or homes with pets.

If you’re concerned about the transparency of glass leaving it hard to spot in an outdoor space, then frosted glass will provide a visual barrier that eliminates even that concern.

3. They are easy to maintain

The shape and durability of glass balustrades also make them very low maintenance.

The smooth, flat glass surface is easy to clean, and dirt won’t get caked or ingrained into it. Cleaning them is just a case of warm, soapy water and a big soft sponge – followed by a dash of white vinegar to prevent streaks when they dry.

You also don’t need to worry about glass balustrades needing repairing, repainting or other maintenance. They won’t fade, warp or rot even under direct sunlight or wet weather. Instead, they will stay as attractive as the day they were installed without too much effort or care.

4. They show your garden at its best

Another benefit of external glass balustrades is that they can provide unobstructed views across your entire garden.

This makes them a fantastic choice to use for balconies, raised decking and patios, as you can keep these areas safe but still enjoy an uninterrupted view across your entire outdoor space. Unlike wood and metal railings that create barriers across your garden, severing sightlines and making your garden feel cramped, glass allows continuous views across the whole space.

Installing glass balustrades can even help improve the inside of your house too, as they won’t prevent natural light flowing into your house when they’re used in front of windows or patio doors.

5. They look fantastic

Of course, one of the biggest benefits that glass balustrades will bring to your outside space is the visual appeal they bring in themselves.

Pick a balustrade with a bright chrome handrail and fittings, and you can keep a clean, modern look across your garden. This goes wonderfully with a minimalist garden design, contrasting well with dark slabs, slate or gravel and complementing glass and rattan furniture.

Alternatively, a frameless glass design with simple panels will bring its own wow factor, a style feature in itself while also helping your garden feel brighter and even bigger. It is completely flexible across all furniture and garden designs and will add an elegant touch to any garden.

Are glass balustrades a good idea outside?

Choosing glass balustrades is a great way to improve the look of your garden, ensure its safety and even help create a sense of more space.

Here at KLG Glass, we can make you a bespoke glass balustrade system that looks fantastic and will last years. Contact us today to find out more.


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