5 practical reasons to pick a glass balustrade for your home

Clear glass balustrade with branch decorations underneath

If you’re looking to buy bannisters or balustrades for your home, you’ll probably think of using wood first. If you’re looking for something to use outside, you might think of using metal too. But what about glass?

People often pick glass balustrades to suit a specific design idea or concept. However, they bring a wide range of practical advantages too. Here are 5 practical benefits of glass balustrades that show why they’re such a smart choice.


This first reason is pretty obvious. Glass balustrades have a simple but sleek, stylish aesthetic appeal. They bring their own design edge to any home, turning a simple staircase into a focal point.

They are also incredibly versatile, thanks to their range of framing options and glass decoration. Frameless glass balustrades create a clean, minimalist look while the soft contrast of chrome and glass carries a modern but elegant feel. Even the choice between frosted or patterned glass will help tailor your rails to your interior design.

Simple to install

As they come in fewer, larger pieces, the process to install glass balustrades can be a lot easier than with a wood or metal bannister. This is a major benefit – even when you have your balustrade installed by a professional. As the job is quicker to carry out, it causes less disruption and costs less in labour time.

If the measurements for your glass railings are done correctly, you are unlikely to encounter any issues to slow the process down, so you can start enjoying the sleek look of your glass balustrade immediately.

Durable (and safe)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that glass is a delicate or fragile option when it comes to balustrade material.

In reality, glass ages slowly and is very strong. This gives glass balustrades excellent durability even when exposed to the elements on outdoor decking areas or balconies. And as long as you pick toughened glass or tempered safety glass, a glass balustrade is also an incredibly safe option.

It is a lot harder to damage a glass balustrade than one made of other materials. The surfaces of tempered glass and laminated glass are incredibly strong so it’s hard to scratch or damage accidentally unlike wood or metal.

Even better, unlike metal or wood balustrades you don’t need to worry about refinishing a glass railing during its lifetime. With other materials, regular maintenance with paint, varnish or wax is needed to keep them looking their best – and at their strongest. With glass, once your balustrades are installed you only need to worry about keeping them clean.

Easy to clean

Another major advantage that comes with the sleek, smooth surface of glass panels is how easy they are to clean. Grab some glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth and you’ll be able quickly and easily wipe your glass free of smears or dirt without having to delve into any deep crevices or corners.

This is particularly important for railings and balustrades. Internally these tend to be used in high-traffic areas, touched by many hands every day while external railings are obviously exposed to the elements.

In either case, grime can build up quickly so having a simple-to-clean surface is a definite bonus.


Stops chills (while still letting natural light flow)

Glass balustrades make a fantastic choice for a balcony or decking area because the glass creates a solid surface. This helps prevent drafts or chills from whipping around decking areas and protects against strong winds at heights.

Of course, the transparent nature of glass balustrades means that natural light will still flow freely so to let you enjoy sun spots on warm days.

If you want to embrace these practical benefits in your home, KLG Glass offer high-quality, made-to-measure glass balustrades in bespoke designs. Browse our range to find out more.


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