Acrylic or Glass Shower Screens: Which is Best?

Does your bathroom feel small, cramped and dark? This is common when it comes to bathrooms. Usually the smallest room in …

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How To Decorate Your Windows Without Damaging Them

The DIY-filled days of spring and summer may be fading into memories, but in autumn and winter, a whole new set …

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Person using a tool to cut a large pane of glass

Glass Cutting: Everything You Need To Know

Glass is a flexible, attractive and versatile material that has many uses around your home. From providing insulation with double glazing …

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6 creative ways to boost the look of your home using sandblasted glass

When it comes to glass, most people think of it as a functional material rather than a decorative one. Beyond the …

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Glass display cabiner with a wooden back and frame with in-built down lights.

How to pick the perfect glass display cabinet

Glass display cabinets are a wonderful way to display items and show your belongings at their best. They’re also a versatile …

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5 ways a glass balustrade can improve the look of your home

There are plenty of practical reasons to pick a glass balustrade. However, the decisions we make about our home furnishings are …

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Glass Display Cabinets: Everything You Need to Know

Glass display cabinets are the ultimate in functional storage. If you want somewhere to store your prized possessions or products that …

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White Glass Splashback Kitchen

Is a glass splashback a good idea?

Choosing the best type of kitchen splashback is a difficult decision. You need one that combines aesthetic appeal with design flexibility …

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How to make small bathroom look bigger

The bathroom is almost always the smallest room in the house. In most homes, it’s the room you spend the least …

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Clear glass balustrade with branch decorations underneath

5 practical reasons to pick a glass balustrade for your home

If you’re looking to buy bannisters or balustrades for your home, you’ll probably think of using wood first. If you’re looking …

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