How To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

In recent years, we’ve seen a big shift within interior design ideas to maximise and take advantage of all the natural light available. However, the big question is always how to increase the light as much as possible? So, here are our top tips on how to increase the natural light in your home.

Use Lighter And Brighter Colours

Although decorating might not be the first thing you want to invest in, it is a really easy and effective way to utilise the natural light available. The best way to achieve this is, is to use painting the walls and ceilings white, if this isn’t to your taste, keeping your walls neutral, light tones and ceilings white is a great start.

Adding Reflective Furnishings 

A simple and effective way to create the illusion of more light is to add large mirrors opposite windows, as they reflect all the light. If you can’t have it opposite, you can place a mirror on an adjacent wall far away from the window, that way, you can see the window reflecting in the mirror. In a space where you have tiles, an option would be to use glass or reflective tiling. Light fixtures made from glass offer an abundance of reflective surfaces too.

Windows And Skylights

New large windows and skylights are an amazing way of pulling in natural light. New windows can offer multiple advantages from more light but also new double glazing can mean a reduction in energy bills too. 

As skylights are placed on the roof of your house, they are directly in line with the sunlight, meaning they will provide the most light possible.

Doors With Windows

Entryways and passages are usually ignored when it comes to creating light, but a simple door change can make a significant difference. Why not try Swapping your front door from all wood to doors with window panels? It can also be great for a utility room. 

Replace Walls & Balustrades With Glass 

Now, this is likely to be a costly and lengthy process, replacing certain areas with glass allows light to flow through your entire home. Folding windows and doors open up wall space and glass balustrades offer a similar result. However, these aren’t always appropriate for every family or home, so this will be something you need to consider.

Ultimately, there are many things you need to consider when trying to maximize your space and available light.