How to Winter-Proof Your Windows

As we head into the cooler months, it is inevitable that you will want to keep your house as warm as you can without increasing energy bills. We’ve put together a few key ways to ensure your home is ready for the cold, winter months to come.

Inspect Your Windows

Over time, temperature changes can cause problems with older windows and doors, it is important to regularly inspect your window and door frames, checking for signs of warping, rotting or even cracking. A problem with the frame can result in poor insulation throughout your home. This can mean you may need to keep putting your heating on high but your house isn’t truly warming up as the heat is escaping.

If you do notice any issues, then we’d recommend speaking to a professional as you may need to replace your windows.

Consider Upgrading The Glass in Your Windows

If you currently have single-glazed windows a cost-effective way to increase your home insulation is to upgrade to double or even triple-glazing windows. As the name suggests, double-glazed windows are two panes of glass which trap insulated gas to stop the cold from getting into your home. Triple glazed is similar but with 3 panes.

Therefore, they reduce heat loss and reduce how long or how often you have to switch on your heating, which when energy bills are rising, can save you money. Although, it is important to note they can be quite expensive to replace an entire home, however, are a great investment to consider.

Fix Any Breaks or Cracks

Although straightforward, fixing and sealing any breaks or cracks is a cost-effective way to prepare your home before the rain, wind and possible snow you might face through the winter. If you have a broken seal, you may be able to repair or replace the seal. This can however be a short-term solution. 

Clean Your Windows

Summer heat often means plenty of dust particles around which can stick to your window. As we head into the autumn and winter, there are fewer hours of daylight and dirty window can reduce how much natural light comes into your home. So, ensuring the windows are cleaned regularly can help uplift your mood and the light in each room.

If you need any advice or help about replacing or repairing your windows, contact our team at KLG Glass on 0115 9222233.