5 Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

High-quality, modern windows enjoy a long lifespan that lasts decades. However, if you’re windows are old, they may not have the same build quality and strength or provide the aesthetic feel you would like, especially when compared to newer models.

So, you need to know when you should replace them, here are 5 key tell-tale signs that your windows are no longer functioning to their best and therefore would benefit from a replacement

They Are Sticking When You Open Or Close Them

One very obvious sign your windows are ready to be replaced is if they no longer open or close smoothly. There are likely to be a few reasons this can happen, the first being that the handle or opening mechanism is beginning to fail. 

Another can be that the timber frames may have swollen in size. If water gets into timber frames they will start to warp and expand. This can be avoided by regular maintenance of your windows. However, once the timber is swollen it can be almost impossible to return it to normal and a replacement will be the best solution.

Similarly, with extreme temperatures, uPVC windows will also expand and contract. Over the years this can affect the size or shape of the frames, making them difficult to use. Replacing them with Aluminium windows, with robust frames will help them last longer against the elements.

Condensation Forms Between The Panes

Double-glazed windows are made of two thin layers of glass sandwiched together with gas between them. If moisture gets in between the panes, clouding or condensation can start to form, in high volumes this can be problematic.

Some form of condensation is normal and can be particularly visible during cold weather when the heating is on high. If you do notice a lot of condensation, between the panes rather than on them,  this is a key indicator that the window seals are failing. Unfortunately, replacing windows is the only answer. 

More Notable Cold Drafts

As your windows age, they begin to deteriorate and this does mean they might begin to let in more noticeable cold drafts. 

There could be several reasons for this, including a break in the frame, which is more common with wooden frames. The seals could also be broken as they are allowing air to pass through, there might also be an issue with the fit.

Another sign that your seals are no longer working is if you start to notice puddles or leaks on your window sill.

Your Home Feels Colder Than Usual

A sure-fire sign that your windows need checking or potentially replacing is if you find the house is colder than usual or you are having to put the heating on high more. 

This is something that can be noticed over time, as the seal on your windows may be keeping any drafts at bay. When the insulating gas between the panes is compromised, you will like begin to notice the house feeling colder, or when the heating is switched in, you will feel as though the hot air is escaping. 

As the cost of energy bills are soaring enough already and having inefficient windows will only add to this problem. 

They’re No Longer Soundproof

A key function of windows, aside from protecting your home from the elements, is soundproofing. If you feel as though you can hear all the sounds from outside, inside your home, then the chances are your windows are not soundproofing the same way anymore. A common issue is when the insulating gas between the panes is no longer there, it cannot be the barrier to protect you from the noise.

You Only Have Single Glazing

When it was initially introduced, double-glazed windows were an expensive investment, however, with modern technology, the cost has reduced and we are also seeing triple-glazing windows!

Single-glazing windows are not known to be good for soundproofing and insulation. If the idea of wasting money on expensive central heating that will quickly escape your home isn’t enough to spur you to replace your windows, then do it for the planet! 

At KLG Glass, we offer a complete range of glass products including double-glazed windows.