How to make small bathroom look bigger

The bathroom is almost always the smallest room in the house. In most homes, it’s the room you spend the least time in, so it makes sense to sacrifice space here and share it with bedrooms, kitchens or even hallways instead.

However, there is a difference between being a little short on space and having a dark tiny room sucks all the enjoyment out of bathing. No one  wants to get clean in a cramped space, however short the time you spend in there.

Luckily they are plenty of ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger without having to knock walls down to find more actual space. In this post, we’ll look at ways you can make a small bathroom feel bigger, from small design choices to bigger lifestyle-affecting changes.

First off, here are some general rules to remember when decorating a small bathroom.

How can I make my small bathroom look bigger without a window?

One of the best ways to make any small space feel bigger is to maximise the amount of natural light in it but that is pretty difficult if you have no windows to start with. And even if this is the case, you still need to fill the space with light and minimise the shadows. Use strategically-placed wall lights instead of one strong overhead light. It will increase the light available in the room but also avoid unflattering shadows shrinking your small bathroom back down.

What flooring is good for small bathrooms?

Tiles are always an excellent choice when it comes to bathroom floors. Being waterproof they can stand up to constant splashes and spills and they are robust enough to withstand the heavy traffic of such an often-used room. Make sure you get an anti-slip set and you’ve got an ideal floor for any bathroom.

With small bathrooms, it’s a great idea to go for gloss tiles. The reflective surface, particularly of plain tiles, will help bounce light back around the room increasing the sense of space.

When you’re short on square footage, the floor also makes a fantastic focal point. Add a bright block of colour or vivid pattern such as a chequerboard design to an otherwise neutral room and you can add personality without worrying about stealing any space or light that is already limited.

How do you make a small bathroom feel luxurious?

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean you can’t bring a touch of luxury to it. The best way to do that will, as with all rooms, depend on the overall interior design and what aesthetic you’re going for but certain choices will always upgrade the general look.

Picking matte taps for your bath and sink, especially more decorative bronze and brass ones will add a more unusual look and a dash of luxury. Picking mirrors with decorative frames can also add a flash of design

Another way to up the luxury of your bathroom is using soft furnishings like towels, bath mats and blinds. A mountain of big fluffy towels, a large deep-pile bath mat and similar simple additions will give your bathroom that luxurious edge without taking up any precious space.

6 tips to make a cramped bathroom feel bigger

While the above suggestions can work for any interior design scheme, some specific suggestions depend on your choices. Bear the following tips in mind when designing your small bathroom and pick out the ones that work for you.

Don’t be afraid of colour

It is a commonly known rule of interior design that light colours are great for increasing space. This is true, but has bred an army of stark, white bathrooms that feel clinical rather calming.

Pale pastels make a softer alternative to a sharp white, as do creams and off-whites. These will help create a more tranquil, comfortable feeling bathroom while still keeping your sense of space.

Natural materials like wood, stone and marble can also help soften an otherwise harsh white palette.

Pick a frameless clear glass shower screen

A glass shower screen is an obvious choice when you’re sick of a damp clingy shower curtain sticking to your skin, but did you know they can make your tiny bathroom feel bigger and brighter too?

A shower curtain creates a obscure barrier in your bathroom, blocking light and shrinking the space. Even when it’s open, its a bright flash of colour that draws the eye, and disects the room, sectioning it into many small spaces rather than one flowing one.

Use a clear glass panel instead, and your sightlines will remain uninterrupted. This will help your bathroom look like a single larger space that includes your bath and shower space rather than separating them off. A frameless glass shower door is best to removed all the lines and barriers.

Get smart with storage

Storage is often overlooked in bathrooms, particularly when you’re already struggling for space.

Using wall-hung units and cabinets is an easy way to free up more floor space without sacrificing all-important bathroom furniture and storage space. Using wall space over your sink for cupboards or shelves is a particularly great way to save space.

Plump for bigger tiles

This one might feel counterintuitive but using bigger wall tiles in a smaller bathroom can increase the sense of space. Small tiles don’t immediately equal a squashed space feeling but you don’t have to default to tiny tiles either.

Large format tiles play with the proportions of the room and create large clear expanses of space. It will look cleaner and clearer too, while lots of small floor or wall tiles can create a sense of clutter that shrinks your small bathroom even more.

Make the most of your natural light with mirrors

Adding bathroom mirrors to your small bathroom is one of those clever design tricks that has many practical benefits.

Firstly, the reflected images help the room feel bigger, almost twice the size. A mirror will also reflect light effectively around the space, helping even a tiny space feel brighter – and thus bigger.

The bigger the mirror the better as well. Lots of tiny mirrors will just create clutter, and break the room up. Go for large mirrors – or even a mirrored wall – to get the most benefits from this classic design hack.

Ditch the tub

This is a contentious one because some people just prefer can’t live without with a freestanding bath. It’s non-negotiable. But if you can bear to be without, then replacing your bath with a floor-level shower will increase the feel of size in the room by a lot more than it saves in floor space.

Combine it with a clear glass shower door and you will increase the sense of flow in the room. This will feel like you’ve added a lot more square footage than you actually have.

Custom glass items for your home

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke mirror to make the most of your light, or a clear glass shower screen to break down the barriers, we’ve got glass products to help make your small bathroom feel bigger.


Clear glass balustrade with branch decorations underneath

5 practical reasons to pick a glass balustrade for your home

If you’re looking to buy bannisters or balustrades for your home, you’ll probably think of using wood first. If you’re looking for something to use outside, you might think of using metal too. But what about glass?

People often pick glass balustrades to suit a specific design idea or concept. However, they bring a wide range of practical advantages too. Here are 5 practical benefits of glass balustrades that show why they’re such a smart choice.


This first reason is pretty obvious. Glass balustrades have a simple but sleek, stylish aesthetic appeal. They bring their own design edge to any home, turning a simple staircase into a focal point.

They are also incredibly versatile, thanks to their range of framing options and glass decoration. Frameless glass balustrades create a clean, minimalist look while the soft contrast of chrome and glass carries a modern but elegant feel. Even the choice between frosted or patterned glass will help tailor your rails to your interior design.

Simple to install

As they come in fewer, larger pieces, the process to install glass balustrades can be a lot easier than with a wood or metal bannister. This is a major benefit – even when you have your balustrade installed by a professional. As the job is quicker to carry out, it causes less disruption and costs less in labour time.

If the measurements for your glass railings are done correctly, you are unlikely to encounter any issues to slow the process down, so you can start enjoying the sleek look of your glass balustrade immediately.

Durable (and safe)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that glass is a delicate or fragile option when it comes to balustrade material.

In reality, glass ages slowly and is very strong. This gives glass balustrades excellent durability even when exposed to the elements on outdoor decking areas or balconies. And as long as you pick toughened glass or tempered safety glass, a glass balustrade is also an incredibly safe option.

It is a lot harder to damage a glass balustrade than one made of other materials. The surfaces of tempered glass and laminated glass are incredibly strong so it’s hard to scratch or damage accidentally unlike wood or metal.

Even better, unlike metal or wood balustrades you don’t need to worry about refinishing a glass railing during its lifetime. With other materials, regular maintenance with paint, varnish or wax is needed to keep them looking their best – and at their strongest. With glass, once your balustrades are installed you only need to worry about keeping them clean.

Easy to clean

Another major advantage that comes with the sleek, smooth surface of glass panels is how easy they are to clean. Grab some glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth and you’ll be able quickly and easily wipe your glass free of smears or dirt without having to delve into any deep crevices or corners.

This is particularly important for railings and balustrades. Internally these tend to be used in high-traffic areas, touched by many hands every day while external railings are obviously exposed to the elements.

In either case, grime can build up quickly so having a simple-to-clean surface is a definite bonus.


Stops chills (while still letting natural light flow)

Glass balustrades make a fantastic choice for a balcony or decking area because the glass creates a solid surface. This helps prevent drafts or chills from whipping around decking areas and protects against strong winds at heights.

Of course, the transparent nature of glass balustrades means that natural light will still flow freely so to let you enjoy sun spots on warm days.

If you want to embrace these practical benefits in your home, KLG Glass offer high-quality, made-to-measure glass balustrades in bespoke designs. Browse our range to find out more.