Home Improvement Ideas To Increase Value 

Making changes to your property can seem like a time consuming and expensive process that you might not want to undertake. With so many different ways to improve your home, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones to suit your needs and budget. Although, changing things over time and working on your property can add value to your home should you ever decide to sell it. 


If you’re lucky enough to have extra space which you can convert into living spaces, then it is the perfect way to completely transform your home. It is a great way to create more space for you to utilise in your home effectively whilst also increasing your home value in the long term. A great option is to convert an attic into a bedroom, an unused garage into a second reception room or proper storage space. 


Alternatively, if you’d prefer to simply expand the space you have, you can consider an extension instead. You can add a sunroom or conservation space, perfect to enjoy the warmth in the summer months or extend the kitchen and reception room. However, adding more functional spaces to your house can be expensive but is a great long term investment and is likely to add more value. 


Although this seems like a very obvious and naturally the first place to start, home renovations are a really easy way to simultaneously spruce up your home and add value. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are usually the more expensive options, this does however mean they add the most value. Replacing old kitchen worktops, cabinets and flooring can really give the space a new lease of life. A brand new toilet, sink and shower or bath can really increase the appeal of your house.

New Windows

Similar to the other suggestions, additions to your home are very likely to increase value, so the addition of new windows can definitely help. Naturally, ensuring you have high quality, glazed and insulated windows is a key aspect of any home renovation and can be a costly addition but offers long term benefits. At KLG Glass, we supply a complete range of glass units that are tailored to you. 


If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that access to outside space while being at home is a real perk and if done properly, can serve a variety of functions. Whether you want to use the space to exercise, work or socialise, a well-designed garden can be perfect. For example, having some grassy spaces is great for relaxing in the sun and working out, if you choose to have artificial grass the maintenance will be minimal. Adding garden furniture with seating and table options can be used for working from home or as an eating spot. You can decorate with lighting and plants to create an atmosphere.

Ultimately, there are a multitude of home improvements that can result in adding value to your property in the long run. A key decision you will need to consider is how much they will initially cost compared to how much value they will add. We would recommend speaking to experts who can help you make effective and efficient decisions for you. 

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