Glass Display Cabinets: Everything You Need to Know

Glass display cabinets are the ultimate in functional storage. If you want somewhere to store your prized possessions or products that keep them safe and show them to their very best advantage, a glass display cabinet is a dream choice.

But they aren’t always a common choice, because not many people know about them. This can make them hard to judge and buy – how do you if the case is worth the cost, or whether it is secure enough to hold valuables or if it will keep your treasures looking lovely? 

We’ve put together this post to shed some light on the facts about glass display cases. We’ll answer commonly asked questions, and explore the practical choices you need to make if you want to pick out the perfect glass case. 

What are glass display cases made of?

While, unsurprisingly, glass cabinets are made of glass, they aren’t necessarily made of the same material you see in other spots around your house – including cabinet doors.

This is partly because the glass in display cabinets usually provides its own structural support. Even in cases with aluminium or wooden frames and joins, the majority of the structure’s weight will be held by the glass. And, in UV-bonded glass display cases, it is only glass that supports that weight.

However, you also need glass that will show (and keep your items) at their best and this means a specialist product selection. A UV light-resistant finish will help limit the damage that sunlight does to the content. 

Other specialist glass features can also be chosen.

Does cabinet glass need to be tempered?

One glass feature you should always look out for when buying a glass display cabinet is tempered glass. Tempered glass has been treated at high temperatures to make it stronger – in fact, it is around 5x stronger than standard glass.

This strength is vital for display cabinets, as it increases both security and safety. Whether you intended to or not, it’s common to accidentally leave extra weight on the top of glass cabinets. Standard glass isn’t able to withstand this, even for short periods. 

However, tempered glass is more than up to the job. Obviously, there are still limits, 

Another option to consider for display cabinets is laminated glass, which is impressively secure. This type of glass has a layer of film sandwiched in the centre. This helps the glass holds its shape even when it’s broken.

Why is low iron glass used in display cabinets?

As well as having the strength to keep your valuable or prized possessions safe, you want to make sure they look their best on display. Low-iron glass can help with this.

Have you ever looked through a pane of glass and noticed a slight green colour cast onto the other side? This is down to the iron that is part of standard glass. Low iron glass reduces this content, creating glass that is much clearer and gives no green tints for the content of your display cabinet.

Glass display cabinet with car

What are the advantages of glass display cabinets?

The biggest benefit of glass display cases is how beautifully they display their contents. Whether in a high-end retail store, a carefully curated collection or housing a person’s most treasured possessions, they always showcase items at their best.

Glass-topped cases will give the most complete view of an item possible, while the glass sides will maximise the light that reaches the items so they can be seen clearly. They are also flexible, giving you plenty of options to rearrange their contents to direct attention to your favoured pieces.

Best of all, glass display cabinets are easy to clean. They may need a regular wipe down with a standard glass cleaner and soft cloth, to remove any finger marks but their large, smooth, surface area makes this a quick job. You won’t need to work up a sweat scrubbing. Nor will you need to start shifting around your cabinet contents to clean the inside either.

Do glass cabinets keep dust out?

While glass display cases can’t claim to stay dust-free, they will seriously restrict the amount of dust that gets onto your items. Having solid sides in every direction reduces the movement of dust, so they are a lot easier to maintain than a set of open shelves.

This makes them a fantastic choice for displaying items of value, items that aren’t touched very often or anything fragile. With display cases, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your items as regularly and risking damage to them.

What are the drawbacks of glass display cabinets?

Perhaps the biggest drawback of glass display cabinets is their cost.

When picking out a glass display cabinet, it is foolish to sacrifice quality to keep costs down. This type of furniture is designed to deliver on style while showing your prized possessions or products in their best light.

Choosing low-cost options like acrylic, cheaper glass or inferior build quality will take away from the look of the items you are displaying. It can even impact the safety of the cabinet.

If you’re going to effort of displaying your items in a fully transparent case, then it is clear you want them to look their best and be as visually accessible as possible. The only way to do this is with a high-quality glass case, which will ensure your prized possessions have the best lighting and visibility from every angle.

Are glass display cabinets worth it?

If you’re looking for a stylish solution to showcase your collectables or display your products at their best, then a bespoke glass display cabinet is a fantastic option. Whether you’re looking for a corner glass display cabinet to keep in your home or an impressive addition to your retail space, we have a range of options and styles to choose from.

Contact us today to discover exactly how we can help with a custom glass display unit.


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