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Toughened glass worktop

Laminated glass and & toughened glass for BS Safety Glazing:

  • Our laminated glass range can be cut to size while you wait
  • Toughened glass can be supplied within 72 hours

Glass can be a beautiful addition to any environment but everyone knows that glass can be dangerously sharp when it breaks. That's why care and consideration must be used when choosing where and when to us glass. Fortunately, there are processes that can make glass suitable for most situations.

Laminated glass is used in many applications. This type of glass will stay in one place when it breaks and is often best known for it's use in vehicle windscreens. If an impact is severe enough to break the glass then it will generally cause one or more cracks across the glass but stay in place. This is achieved by bonding two or more sheets of glass together. The bonding agent that is used between the layers does the job of keeping broken glass in place. Laminated glass is also better at sound proofing than standard glass and is therefore used in many glazing applications where sound deadening is important. Another important feature of laminated glass is its ability to block UV rays. With the correct bonding, UV rays can be reduced by over 99%.

Toughened glass is another type of safety glass. Rather than keeping broken glass in place, this process makes the glass shatter into chunks rather than splinter into dangerous, jagged shards. Toughened glass is also often referred to as tempered glass. It is a standard sheet of glass that is processed with either thermal or chemical treatments in order to increase its strength. The process puts the inner surfaces into tension and compresses outer surfaces. The result is a sheet of glass that is stronger than usual but that shatters into tiny pieces when it fails. This type of glass is often used in domestic internal door glazing, shower screens and refrigerator shelves.

If you need new or replacement toughened glass then call KLG Glass TODAY!

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